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Rei is an extremely talented female employee, highly educated but extremely timid. Taking advantage of this, the department head continuously sexually harassed her. But because she has neither father nor siblings, and only has one aunt to take care of her sick mother, Rei cannot quit her job. To capture Rei, the department head deliberately played tricks on her documents. He then placed all responsibility on Rei, forcing her to listen to his words if she wanted his help to solve this problem. Having no other choice, Rei had to agree. And from then on, he continuously forced her to wear lingerie so lewd that a prostitute would blush. He forced her to perform sexual services for him right at the company. He also used her as a "reward" for other employees. He even forced her to serve his partner right at the company. Rei is nothing more than a toy, anyone can fuck her, her body never rests, and days like these seem to never end...

STARS-734 The old boss forced his employees into sex slavery

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 Movie Code: STARS-734 

 Actor: Rei Kamiki 

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